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Latest Media Uploads


Homem Só video


Video for the single Homem Só (2017)

New Gear!


New computed acquired! The reason I haven't been producing more music in the last years was largely because my computer wasn't powerful enough to handle my projects sessions! Things will be different from now on.

Working on new EP (Sneak Peek)


An idea under development for my next instrumental rock EP.

UpLearn @ Forbes 30 under 30


The online education platform, for which I have been editing audio, has been mentioned in Forbes Europe, in the section 30 under 30.

The Theory of Everything (2014)


Reuploaded on Bandcamp, Vimeo and YouTube, remastered and with new artwork.

Pelágico @ doclisboa 2017


The film Pelágico by Pedro Koch, in which I participed as Sound Designer, has been selected for the doclisboa 2017 film festival.

New Gear!


New gear has been added to my list: a Sound Devices 302 field mixer, and a Sennheiser MKH-416. It's time to record EVERYTHING!