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About Me

Hey! My name is Micael Nobre and I'm an artist, musician and sound professional.


I develop audio products and audio related content at Sinewave Lab. I also teach Sound classes at the Superior School of Arts and Design @ Caldas da Rainha.


This website is my headquarters: here you can find both info about my services as well as about my own projects.

As a Freelancer

As an Artist:

I work with clients worldwide. They are filmmakers, musicians, infopreneurs, audiobook creators, YouTubers, and so forth.

Are you interested in working with me as well? I would love to hear your ideas. Tell me all about them here.

My Philosophy

Part of my personality, outlook on life and working philosophy has been shaped by two these two iconic resources:

Napoleon Hill's Think And Grow Rich and Jim Rohn's four hour seminar, How to Have Your Best Year Ever.


"I belong to a small group and we do business around the world. What an incredible group. If you hand any of them a problem, guess what they say: "No problem."


How many books will they read to solve a problem? As many as it takes. If they need to consult—how much consulting will they do? As much as it takes. How early will they get up? As early as it takes.


"No problem"…you got to hang out with people like that."

Jim Rohn


Even thought I sometimes venture into other art fields such as video and animation (see vimeo), music and sound remain my main channels of artistic expression.


I began playing electric guitar in 2005 when I became enchanted by the expressive possibilities offered by music. Influenced some of the great modern electric guitar players, such as Steve Vai and Gonçalo Pereira, I started creating music within the genre of Instrumental Rock.


Years later, Art school made me have appreciation for the field of Sound. This has resulted in the creation of at least one major project, the Theory of Everything (2014), a sound composition made from scratch, about the scale of the Universe.


The goal now is to keep composing while finding ways of merging all this into expressive and unique pieces of music.

This quote summarizes neatly how I feel about achieving goals, solving problems, learning skills, self-improvement, and represents the type of commitment that I try to have within both my own and my client's projects, as within my life in general.

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