About Me


Name: Micael Nobre

Born in: 1988

Location: Fazendas de Almeirim, Portugal

Field of Work: Sound, Music, Audiovisuals


Current Positions

Sound Freelancer @ MicaelNobre.com

Sound Developer @ Sinewavelab.com

Sound Teacher @ ESAD.CR


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I work as a freelancer with a variety of businesses  worldwide, who are looking for sound and music solutions for their projects. A large portion of this website is dedicated to showcasing the work I've done, under the sections of Client Projects and Services.


Sound Recording (Production Sound, Field Recording)

Creative Sound (Sound Design, Foley, Sound Effects)

Technical Sound (Sound Editing, Restoration, Mixing)

Music (Composition, Electric Guitar)

What Clients Keep Saying

"An absolute pleasure to work with Micael! His work was always of an exceptional standard, and he always was readily available, meeting all our deadlines."

Micael was extremely  professional -- communicated every step of the way, and then took massive initiative to go the extra mile from what I'd requested!