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Audio Editing & Restoration

Do you need to improve the quality of your audio recording ?


Are you preparing to release an audiobook or your next podcast episode?

Do you have an audio recording with unwanted sounds?


Whatever it is that you need, I've got you covered!



✔ Cutting unwanted portions of audio (words, silences, etc);

✔ Splitting or combining audio files;

✔ Equalization and Compression;

✔ Volume adjustments;

✔ Applying certain Broadcast Loudness Standards

✔ Convert the file Format, Bit Depth or Sample Rate;

✔ Insert and Mix other audio elements you provide;



✔ Electrical interference / Hum / Buzz

✔ Ambient noise

✔ Hiss

✔ Clicks

✔ Crackles

✔ Pops and Plosives

✔ Distortion / Clipping


Ex.1: Main microphone fails. Only recording from secondary microphone available.

Removal of distortion and breathing in secondary microphone.



Ex.2: Improper Recording location

Background reduction to improve speech intelligibility.






Pricing is based on four factors:


1. Total length of audio file.

2. Total length of editing / repair needed

3. Complexity of edition / repair

4. Deadline


Prices vary on project-by-project basis but as a reference:


€ 6.25 for 10 minutes of basic audio editing

€ 6.25 for 30 seconds of medium audio restoration





Response time to inquiries is usually fast - from just a few minutes up to 18 hours.


Delivery time depends on the complexity of your project and budget. Really simple and small projects may be delivered in under 24 hours. For extra-fast deliveries of a more complex project, extra fees will be applied.





Free modifications are provided for small modifications related to the original client request:


Paid modifications are available under the following circumstances:

  • The modification required is not related to the initial order instructions.


I operate under a no-refund policy; however, working with milestones will make you avoid paying in full for a work you don't want. Here's how it is used:

  • Projects under € 15 are paid in full before it begins. This money is non-refundable.
  • Projects over € 15 can be paid using the milestones system. Usually, 50% paid upfront and 50% paid before full delivery of the files. These milestones can be discussed and changed before the project starts.



Payments are made via Paypal or Bank Transfer.

I conduct business activity and invoice my services.


Contact me now so I can get started working on your project


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