People have realized that audio-based content is revolutionary. It’s the second Gutenberg Revolution. Where before we needed to stop and devote time exclusively to educate ourselves through books, now we can listen and do quotidian things at the same time. Learning is now available to anyone who’s willing to listen!

Whether you have, or want to start a podcast, audiobook, eCourse or something similar, having a reliable audio engineer to support you is a great idea, helping you to achieve good audio quality and doing all the tasks that fall on my domain while allowing you to focus on the tasks that fall on yours: creating awesome content regularly, so that you can grow and connect with your audience.

Professional Services Include:

  • Speech Flow: Removing uhmms, mistakes and excessive pauses to achieve an efficient delivery of ideas and arguments.
  • EQ, De-Ess: Controlling harshness;
  • Compression: Fixing volume problems and inconsistencies; Processing volume levels for them to match iTunes / YouTube standards (-14 LUFS). For an audiobook, I will make sure it complies with the ACX Loudness Requirements (-18dB RMS). 
  • De-Breathing: A semi-manual process to remove unwanted breaths. Typically used for Audiobooks.
  • Basic Noise Reduction: Automatic process for basic background noise reduction such as A/C and computer hums using the best noise-reduction algorithms in the market today.
  • Add Elements: adding SFX, music, Intro/Outro, advertising and other production elements. These elements will be provided by the client, but given the client has the budget, I will be able to search websites such as Audiojungle and Pond5 for licensed Music and SFX that fit the show needs.
  • ID3 Tagging: Adding metadata to mp3 files with information about Title, Artist and Artwork.
  • Hosting Platforms Uploading: Upload audio file to hosting platforms such as Libsyb, Blubrry, Soundcloud.
  • RSS Submitting: Submit RSS Feed to iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play and more.
  • Show Notes: For Podcasts, the possibility of annotation of the main themes, along with the times when they are addressed.
  • Video Creation for Social Media: turn audio snippets into subtitled videos for platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


My services pricing is available on this PDF or this interactive calculator. There are 3 payment methods available: Bank Transfer, Paypal, and Bitcoin

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