• EQ: Improving voice tone. Controlling excessive pop sounds.
  • Compression: Fixing volume problems and inconsistencies across the recording duration or across different people.
  • Loudness Standards: Processing volume levels for them to match iTunes / YouTube standards (-14 LUFS). For an audiobook, I will make sure it complies with the ACX Loudness Requirements (-18dB RMS). 
  • De-Breathing: A semi-manual process to remove unwanted breaths. Typically used for Audiobooks.
  • De-Ess: Controlling the harshness of the ‘S’ sounds.
  • Noise Reduction: Automatic process for basic background noise reduction such as A/C and computer hums using the best noise-reduction algorithms in the market today.
  • Speech Flow: Removing uhmms, mistakes and excessive pauses to achieve an efficient delivery of ideas and arguments.
  • Add Elements: adding SFX, music, Intro/Outro, advertising and other production elements. These elements will be provided by the client, but given the client has the budget, I will be able to search websites such as Audiojungle and Pond5 for licensed Music and SFX that fit the show needs.
  • ID3 Tagging: Adding metadata to mp3 files with information about Title, Artist and Artwork.
  • Hosting Platforms Uploading: Upload audio file to hosting platforms such as Libsyb, Blubrry, Soundcloud.
  • RSS Submitting: Submit RSS Feed to iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play and more.
  • Show Notes: For Podcasts, the possibility of annotation of the main themes, along with the times when they are addressed.
  • Video Creation for Social Media: turn audio snippets into subtitled videos for platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.
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What Clients Keep Saying

“An absolute pleasure to work with Micael! His work was always of an exceptional standard, and he always was readily available, meeting all our deadlines.” – Up Learn

“Micael was extremely professional — communicated every step of the way, and then took massive initiative to go the extra mile from what I’d requested!”Chrysanthe Tan

“I feel like I cant get my sound mixed to the same quality as with you, anywhere else!”Amritha Shakti