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These are the resources and tools that, over the years, have had the most impact on my way of interpreting and navigating in the world. I will keep this list updated as I add (or remove) resources.

Best Life Ever – Jim Rohn
Spiritual Enlightenment – The Most SHOCKING Truth You’ll Ever Hear –
The Delusion of Free Will – Sam Harris
A New Hope: Epigenetics and the Subconscious Mind – Dr. Bruce Lipton
Affirming the Consequent Falacy
Why You Should Have Ass-Kicking Friends – Bold and Determined
30 Days of Discipline – Bold and Determined

➔ Psychotherapy
Meditations – Marcus Aurelius
12 Rules for Life – Jordan Peterson
Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill
Outwitting the Devil – Napoleon Hill
Bioenergetic Catharsis – Elliott Hulse
The Survivorship Bias Fallacy
Pareto Distributions and The Mathew Principle
Linear, Exponential and Logarithmic Growth
YNAB: You Need a Budget

Best Personal Development Resources

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