Hello. This website is here to document both my music projects and sound design portfolio.


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Latest News & Events

O Passageiro @ IndieLisboa 2018, Filmes sobre Arte Portugal 2018


The film O Passageiro by Luis Alves Matos, in which I worked on in the sound post-production, has been selected for the IndieLisboa 2018 and Filmes sobre Arte Portugal 2018 film festivals.

Pelágico @ doclisboa 2017


The film Pelágico by Pedro Koch, in which I participed as Sound Designer, has been selected for the doclisboa 2017 film festival.

UpLearn @ Forbes 30 under 30


The online education platform, for which I have been editing audio, has been mentioned in Forbes Europe, in the section 30 under 30.

New Gear!


New gear has been added to my list: a Sound Devices 302 field mixer, and a Sennheiser MKH-416. It's time to record EVERYTHING!