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Mixing Services starting as low as 15.00 €!

I'm providing my services to all

awesome music projects out there.





✔ Acoustically treated studio: mixing will occur within properly treated room.


✔ Organic mixing: your tracks won't just be mindlessly run through some plugin. Instead, all the nuances of your music will be taken into consideration and the mixing process will adapt to them


✔ Multi-Device Check: For translatable mixes across listening mediums, I check them on studio monitors, laptop speakers, an expensive smartphone, a cheap smartphone and in the car.


✔ Unlimited free revisions: In time, it may be possible to mix everything perfectly in one go. While we don't know each other that well, some revisions may be required, to get the mix exactly like you want. No excuses here: you get unlimited free revisions until we get the sound you're looking for.


✔ Dedicated Engineer: Last but not least: the moment you choose me as your mixing engineer, your project becomes the most important thing in my life. This is one of the building blocks of my work philosophy.





Mix vocals with provided backing track € 15.00



Up to 16 tracks and 3 minutes.:€ 45.00



Tune Vocals € 7.00

Assemble track from multiple takes € 7.00

Correct major timing issues € 20.00

For each exceeding track € 1 .50

For each exceeding minute € 2.50

Mastering  € 7.00



Take a listen to some samples of my previous work, all mixed following the instructions and taste of my clients.

All samples have been normalized to an average -13 LUFS.

SoudCloud streams mp3 files at 128 kbps. For a better quality, download the file first.

Pop, Soul, R&B

Pop Vocals Mixed with Pre-Existing Backing Track


Live Rock





Response time to inquiries is usually fast - from just a few minutes up to 18 hours.


Delivery time depends on the complexity of the project. Average delivery for a mix is 7 days For extra-fast deliveries, extra fees will be applied.





Free modifications are provided for small modifications related to the original client request:


Paid modifications are available under the following circumstances:

  • The modification required is not related to the initial order instructions.


I operate under a no-refund policy; however, working with milestones will make you avoid paying in full for a work you don't want. Here's how it is used:

  • Projects under € 15 are paid in full before it begins. This money is non-refundable.
  • Projects over € 15 can be paid using the milestones system. Usually, 50% paid upfront and 50% paid before full delivery of the files. These milestones can be discussed and changed before the project starts.



Payments are made via Paypal or Bank Transfer.

I conduct business activity and invoice my services.

It's all Love

My service is creating a multitude of happy clients, but don't take my word for it... listen to what they have to say.

Micael is the ultimate professional. Love working with him and will be back for sure!!

Talent, super responsive, helpful, amazing!! Will definitely be working with him again

Amazing as always! Strongly recommend


The experience was amazing, awesome communication and great engineer. I recommend this great guy to all who want the job to be done fast ans top quality. Thank you

As usual, it was amazing working with Micael! Highly recommend, and I will be working with him for many more of my music projects coming up!


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