17-10-2019: Homepage updated to show the latest content. Added Audio Editing section.

30-04-2019: Purchased Nuendo 10, a major step towards working with audio for Virtual and Augmented Reality, 360º Videos, and more.

06-03-2019: Let’s Sound Design EP.1

03-03-2019: Sinewave Lab Sound Effects Library canceled.

12-02-2019: New Gear Upgrade

01-02-2019: An important announcement regarding my solo music project

29-12-2018: Sinewave Lab Sound Effects Library released

23-12-2018: SLModes 1.0.1 released

18-11-2018: SLModes 1.0.0 released

30-10-2018: The Richest Man in Babylon was released;

06-05-2018: O Passageiro selected for IndieLisboa 2018 and Filmes sobre Arte Portugal 2018

10-12-2017: UpLearn mentioned in Forbes 30 under 30

26-10-2017: Pelágico selected for doclisboa 2017

16-08-2017: Major Sound Gear Upgrade

01-05-2017: Sinewave Lab officially launched