It is well known that videos are the type of content most likely to be seen, liked, commented and shared on social media platforms. This is something you should be taking advantage of.

This service I’m providing intends to take the most power ideas from, say, your previous podcast appearances and turning them into short videos, allowing you to share them with your audience.

Professional Services Include:

Graphic Design / Template: your audio will be accompanied with an original designed image or based on an existing template.

Animated Audio Spectrum: the audio will be visually represented in the video by an animated audio spectrum.

Call-to-Action Ending Screen: Do you have a product or service to sell to your audience? A website for them to visit? An ending CTA screen can be designed to improve conversions. SFX and Music will be chosen from websites such Audiojungle and Pond5.

Subtitles: the content can be transcribed and turned into subtitles. It is common today for social media platforms to start playing videos automatically without sound. For these cases, having subtitles can catch the attention of viewers that would otherwise be lost.

Formats: One video format will be included by default. Additional formats can be designed as well. 16:9 is recommended for YouTube. Square format is recommended for Instagram and Facebook.


My services pricing is available on this PDF or this interactive calculator. There are 3 payment methods available: Bank Transfer, Paypal, and Bitcoin

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