Sound for Film and Media

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Sound Recording

This is the gear I have to record audio. I use it mainly to record sound effects and soundscapes.


Gear List


  • 1x SOUND DEVICES 302, portable field mixer
  • 1x FOSTEX FR-2LE, 2-track portable recorder
  • 1x SENNHEISER MKH-416, shotgun microphone
  • 2x PRIMO EM172, omnidirectional microphones (stereo pair)
  • 2x RODE NT5, cardioid condenser microphones (stereo pair)
  • 1x K-TEK KE-110, boompole
  • 1x Sachtler SN601, audio bag


Gear on my Wishlist


My current gear has some limitations in certain contexts (particularly some types of films). With that in mind, I plan on getting the following gear next:


  • 2x Wireless Lavalier Microphones
  • 1x Supercardioid Condenser Microphone, for indoor dialogues.


Sound Recording

Creative Post-Production

Sound Design, Sound Effects, Foley

Sound Design for Film

Game GUI Sound Effects

Technical Post-Production

Sound Editing, Repair, Mixing



✔ Electrical interference / Hum / Buzz

✔ Ambient noise

✔ Hiss

✔ Clicks

✔ Crackles

✔ Pops and Plosives

✔ Distortion / Clipping



✔ Cutting unwanted portions of audio (words, silences, etc);

✔ Splitting or combining audio files;

✔ Equalization and Compression;

✔ Volume adjustments;

✔ Applying certain Broadcast Loudness Standards

✔ Convert the file Format, Bit Depth or Sample Rate;

✔ Insert and Mix other audio elements you provide;


Ex.1: Microphone failure: Main microphone fails. Only recording from secondary microphone available. Removal of distortion and breathing in secondary microphone. WARNING!! you may want to lower your volume before listening to this sample.


Ex.2: Improper Recording Location

Background reduction to improve speech intelligibility.


Ex.3: Removing Plosives

Plosive removal due to podcast being recorded without pop-filter


Audiobook 01: Voice Editing (Audiobook, Online Course)

Background/Computer noise removal, EQ, Compression, etc. Audiobooks edited as to follow the ACX Audio Submission Requirements.


Online Course: Voice Editing. Background/Computer noise removal, EQ, Compression, etc.


Voiceover 01: Voice Editing, EQ, Compression, etc.