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Self-Portrait (2016)


Sound and image were combined in a few seconds in order to reveal a portrait of my self.


During the many hours I've spent composing music, surrounded by sound frequencies and their endless combinations, a special pattern surfaced. A certain combination of notes revealed itself as a gateway to some deep truth about the Universe, similar to the way the golden ratio, or pi is.


 The notes F A E B in this video are separated by these intervals: Major Third - Fifth - Fifth. This combination of musical intervals, or sometimes a very slight variation, has been used and will keep being used throughout my music. Some examples include: Minha Tua Nossa, MayonesDuncan Solo Contest, The Darkes Strings Act 2.


The tree is also a very important element. I believe trees have a close relationship with the attainment of Spiritual Enlightenment. History tends to confirm this.

Reverb is Beautiful, Part 1 (2016)


Reverberation is the inherent sound characteristic of a physical space.


Using the chords from one of my music compositions - Flutuando pelo Cosmos - I assembled this montage of the different reverberations from the places I used to go through when I was studying in college.


Recording Location: Caldas da Rainha, Portugal.

Stream of Consciousness (2015)


The premise was to create a video that depicted two childhood memories, one being good and the other bad; while also making use of a literary technique known as stream of consciousness.


In literature, stream of consciousness refers to a text which attempts to emulate the complexity of the processes of the human mind. This often results in a writing style that’s long, complex, and has no punctuation. Since video is what's being used here, the approach to this technique is somewhat freer.


The memories themselves were left without explanation on purpose.  Having said that, here's an interesting aspect:


It's a fact that much of our daily lives takes an active role in the creation of our dreams. Sometimes, though, peculiar things happen: at a certain point in my life, whenever my dreams occurred in my hometown - Fazendas de Almeirim - all the physical places acquired a surreal feel to them. This is normal, of course. The strange thing is, this surreal recreation of Fazendas de Almeirim was kept exactly the same every time my dreams happened there. The events were different, but the locations remained the same. It's like a map was engraved in my mind.


Some of my most vivid dreams happened within that place, in particular some of the forests from the area… which, needless to say, acquire a strong mystical aura in my dreams. That’s the aura I try to emulate with this video.


So, the second part of the video is basically filming the reality of 2014 while trying to recreate a dream which was, in turn, a mystical recreation of the memories I had from the reality of 1998.

Submerso no Infinito (2013)


A man, searching for his inner secrets, meditates in front of a mirror for days. In that experience he reaches his deepest self, touching the elusive substance that lies within himself.


Music: Dying For Your Love by Steve Vai